Monterey Bay Visit: Fotos

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Short Pictorial

Amazing eelgrass dominated display (sorta crappy pic, sorry).

Live kelp tank, the crown jewel tank. Really hard to get nice pics of this setup to give you any scale. Its massive.

Another shot of the kelp, notice the leopard sharks.

Giant white anemones.

I loved this tank, concept was junk one might find alongside a pier in the bay. Notice there are two pairs of eyes staring at you.

Fuzzy shot of schooling sardines, but I thought it was a little artistic. (Ok not really.)

Crash! Waves incoming to the rock pools in Monterey.

I see you Mr. Flatfish.

Beautiful juvenile cat shark.

Another shot of the junk tank, with a fringehead in a bottle.

Gorgeous clams and strawberry anemones amongst other colonial anemones.

I believe a spider crab, not absolutely sure. Kinda evil looking.

Blackthroated sanderlings (I believe..) in the open aviary. The birds are elevated above enormous tanks, this one had sunlit eelgrass.

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