Wildlife Up Close.. Too Close

There I am, sitting in the lovely green grass a few feet up from the reflecting pond on campus.  It is pure heaven.  The wind is light and breezy, it smells a little like my favorite confederate jasmine, with a lovely mixing of crispy french fries from the cafe.  Its 80F and the sun is beaming. 

I’m munching away happily on lunch, looking over my notes from class, and otherwise blissfully enjoying the day.

How was I to know I was being stalked?

Halfway through lunch, the pair of sandhill cranes that had previously been on the opposite side of the pond were suddenly less than ten feet away.  I was charmed by them until I realized that the male was headed straight for me.

So I ruffle my papers and try to slowly stand up and make myself look too big to mess with.  Yeah.  That didnt work.

He charged, I ran, the kids on the benches near the pond start laughing.  Stinking birds.  Who cares if they’re “threatened” if they’re threatening me!  (Okay, so they’re just listed least concern.  But I guess you gotta be tough if your species has been around for 9 million years.)

Two rather compassionate fraternity brothers helped me out by creating a distraction so I could retrieve my life (papers, cell phone, notes, etc.) though my dignity was pretty much gone at that point. 

I didnt realize I could lose all sense of personal pride until later when the guys, who were being friendly (and probably evaluating me for post-traumatic syndrome symptoms), asked me what my major was. 

Wildlife major, attacked by cranes, news at six. 


One Comment to “Wildlife Up Close.. Too Close”

  1. Theyll need a crane, theyll need a crane
    To pick the broken ruins up again
    To mend her heart, to help him start to see a world apart from pain

    (They Might Be Giants lyrics came to mind.)

    Glad you’re okay! That beak could have taken an igh out!