Waterless Carwash?


Sea foam, not bubbles from detergents!

File this under the “I wish I’d thought of that” folder in your mental cabinet.  Check out this awesome idea from EcoTouch – a waterless carwash! 

The idea is you buy their special cleaner (which claims to encapsulate dirt and prevent it from scratching up your car) and a microfiber cloth, and spray down the car.  Its like Windex for your car.  End result seems to be, judging from reviews, a shiny and spectacular car! 

I’m curious to see how it really fares against more grimey things like the dust/dirt that collects on the wheels, but it seems like such an awesome idea.  I think the whole episodic drought periods get way too much press coverage, personally, but there’s nothing wrong with saving some water and preventing a bunch of yucky detergents from going down the drain. 

Of course.. I do wonder exactly what happens to all the road dirt and dust and the cleaner’s solvents when you wash it out in the sink or in the clothes washer.  Hmmm.  So maybe its not perfect, but it sure seems like an interesting idea.

Anything that can prevent a bunch of non-renewable petroleum based surfactants and detergents from entering the watershed – and messing around with the quality of our waterways – is a good thing in my opinion.  Too often hand washing in the driveway spills out bucketfuls of not-so-wonderful water that goes directly into the stormwater system.  And we all know whats downstream of that!

Plus I kinda like the idea of an “ecopreneur”.  The guy who owns this little company is my age, or must be close, since they say he graduated with a BA in 2004!

Either way, put this stuff on my Xmas list.  I wanna try it out!