Scary Behavior


I hit the gym this morning in the name of getting away from the computer screen and the constant threat of needing to finish my paper.  While pacing myself through a thirty minute run I observed the strangest behavior by one of my fellow.. well.. exercisers.  I’m not sure he deserves the word though. 

He was lifting a single twenty-pound dumbbell with one hand and texting with his free hand.  Hmm.  Okay.  After a rep or two he put the weight down and texted with both fingers.  As far as I could tell from occasional glances, he actually texted or called people throughout his entire lifting regime. 

Hmmmmm.  So how exactly do you workout if you spend the whole time focused on not working out?  I definitely will watch a TV show or two while running.. but.. not while lifting weights!  I think its a little different when you can easily check your breathing and pacing .. instead of concentrating on which muscles you’re using!  It’s like watching Seinfeld re-runs while attempting to do yoga in my opinion – completely ridiculous! 

I thought it was just an aberration, but I went back to the gym tonight to jog on the treadmill and, again, get away from the screen.  Halfway through Survivor a couple comes in, gets on recumbent bikes, and pedals at the sl-o-west speed possible while playing on tiny Nintendos. 

I just dont get it folks. 

I love Orion Magazine and a frequent contributor posted an excellent little article today about pulling the plug

I’ve pulled the plug myself lately.  I’ve existed without cable/satellite three weeks and we’re going on two weeks of living without Diet Coke!  Its not that I want to be an ascetic.. but I do want to live a healthier life and I want to be more productive with my writing. 

Giving up the TV isnt as painful as it might sound.  I hit the gym to see How I Met Your Mother, Survivor, and The Colbert Report.  That’s really all the shows I’m interested in anyway.  I can get my news from online and all the rest of TV is pretty much pointless. 

I may change my tune when Lost comes back, but for now, Netflix is high on my lists of fantastic inventions.  Give it a thought .. would your life be better if you freed up time away from the screen and read a book, or took a walk, or talked to the significant people in your life?  Its been an interesting trip so far, to be honest.  And I’m kinda liking the extra hours I have to contemplate and create.

Before you go pulling the plug entirely though, take a peek at the Story of Stuff.  Its more than eye opening.