Dear Lipton: Get A Clue!

In my quest to replace soda with something more healthy, but equally delicious, I’ve stumbled across a number of teas.  Tazo teas are probably at the top of my list at the moment.  Seriously, make some iced tea out of their Wild Orange and its practically like drinking an orange soda. 

I’ve been relearning how to made good old fashion southern iced tea in the process, going back to using Lipton bags.  I gotta wonder – is Lipton ever going to sell some loose leaf tea??  All this packaging goes to waste every time I make some iced tea.  And what’s the reason for having paper shells around the tea bags that are already inside the box that’s been wrapped with plastic?  A little much.

I found that they make some large iced-tea-intentioned bag sizes, so that’s cut down on some of the waste right there.  But wouldn’t it be great if they sold tea like coffee that’s already ground?  Just toss it into a press with a permanent filter and VOILA, iced tea without any waste.  You can put used tea leaves in gardens and potted plants in the same way people already use spent coffee grounds. 

At least Lipton tea bags are biodegradeable paper and string.  Right?  To my shock, that isnt always the case.  I recently bought a box of the Lipton Pyramid Tea, White Tea Mango Peach, and I’ll tell you, its delicious.  But I’ve got a major problem with the bags.

“Made from a gossamer mesh, the innovative shape .. gives ample room for hot water to infuse the tea … our bags leave nothing to stand in the way of delicate tea taste.”  (From the website)

Except that the bags are PLASTIC mesh!!!

Dear Lipton Teas: Get a clue!  The last thing your consumers want is to put more plastic into the waste stream.  There’s gotta be a way to make these supposedly fabulous pyramid bags from eco-friendly non-bleached paper.  Until then, no matter how delicious that White Tea Mango is, I won’t be buying it.  And I’m seriously thinking I should just switch on over to Tazo tea completely.  I wonder if Tetley is more eco-friendly …

UPDATE!!  In an ironic turn of events I received a box of loose leaf Lipton Tea this Christmas.  So, I’m more than willing to say I was wrong, on the condition that each of you that make iced tea will consider buying the loose leaf box and using a tea ball (think of it like a permanent tea bag). 

Of course, I still stand behind the rationale that they could definitely make those pyramid bags out of something other than plastic!