Cetacean Conservation Videos Online

EarthOcean is a really interesting video website.  Unlike the front-line amateur videos you can find on YouTube concerning ocean conservation issues, EarthOcean hosts some really professional and entertaining footage on their site. 

I’m really impressed by how well the videos are put together as well as the content they shed light on.  Most of the videos touch upon conservation problems in the Meditteranean, and elsewhere, that effect cetaceans – those dolphins, whales, baiji, and other critters so many people see as the focal point ambassadors for our oceans. 

Plus, they’ve already gone to the trouble of putting together educational resources for teachers and naturalists (like myself) who are interested in finding the teachable moments in the films they’ve produced. 

I absolutely love the idea that ocean conservation footage can find us outside of the cable box and big-name networks like Discovery and Animal Planet.  Dont get me wrong, those networks do quite a lot, but its refreshing to see some new eyes document what is going on in the world of whales and dolphins.

In fact, I think we could definitely use someone producing this kind of coverage for conservation concerns here in the US.  If the environmental education field is moving towards place-based education, then we need more place-based information, videos, and photos finding their way into the hands of our teachers and naturalists. 

And, if you happen to like video talks and chat that aren’t just about cetaceans and conservation hop on over to TED.  They frequently post videos helmed by the best and brightest in many fields, including this talk from Dr. Craig Venter, one of the leading researchers in genomics and especially in biofuels at the moment. 

UpdateVenter’s teams at JCVI published in Science today (Jan. 24, 2008) their work on completing a synthesized genome for a bacteria.  Pretty cool stuff, and exactly what he was hinting at in the speech for TED above.