When Seafood Goes Bad

Help us keep lobsters from turning.. do something awesome for World Ocean’s Day.. its coming up this Sunday. 

You can: hit the beach and pick up some plastic and monofilament, yell at tourists who are stomping on sea turtle nest sites (ok, don’t really yell but do get your point across), convert yourself over to reuseable Publix grocery bags, promise to eat ocean friendly seafood, go on a whale watching cruise that supports ocean conservation, make a donation to SeaWeb, the Ocean Conservancy, or Oceana and join their online lists to be notified when ocean related issues crop up and use your typing fingers for something important. 

Or.. more to the point.. promise not to eat any lobsters this Sunday.    And if you think lobsters aren’t cool you need to read Corson’s The Secret Life of Lobsters.  There’s lots of colorful language and descriptions about lobster sex. (Oooh!) As well as plenty of more intellectual notes about the status of the lobster fishery in Maine, the conservation minded steps the lobstermen were willing to implement voluntarily (V-notching!) and plenty of wistful stories concerning eccentric graduate students obsessed with lobsters and their midnight forays into lobster romance.  Which, reminds me terribly of my nights spent chasing horseshoe crabs.