Tomatoes On My Patio, Not In the Stores

Tomatoes are, hands down, my favorite vegetable.  The recent paranoia surrouding tomatoes from grocery stores and salmonella cases has made me ultimately thankful for the three pots of ruby gems growing on my balcony here in Florida. 

And the interesting thing is that I’ve done nothing but water them.  Of all the vegetables that can be grown in small spaces offered by an apartment tomatoes may be my greatest success story.  If I can grow them, practically anyone should be able to get a relatively steady supply provided from a few quarts of organic soil and sunshine on their patios. 

This latest “outbreak” and contamination within the American food supply raises larger concerns.  How safe is our food?  How much can we rely upon regulatory groups to watch our supply lines and ensure that we are not sickened by what is available? 

My grandmother has spoken in the past of the Victory Garden she tended during World War II and even TreeHugger has recently mentioned the usefulness and increasing need for growing our own food.  Not only is it organic, but we know what the food has been exposed too, and the relative costs are far less than the tomatoes and veggies bought at Publix and Target and WalMart.  Even better, no bags – plastic or reuseable – needed.  And perhaps the ultimate reason – no incredible costs for food related to fuel surcharges such as those being reported from Hawaii.

In fact, reflecting back on most of my family, all the older generations maintain gardens and grow part of their own food supply.  And they can and pickle.  Let’s hope the green thumb and canning genes made it down the line to me.  The future you and I face will need skills like gardening more and more as time goes on. 

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