Calling All Greenies: 10^100 by Google


Google is digging deeper into philanthropy.  They recently announced a contest, called 10^100, which will award $10 million for an idea that can literally change the world.  The idea must benefit as many people as possible. 

Of course I have to wonder, does it have to just benefit people?  Can it be an idea that supports conservation or wildlife projects that will tangentially benefit people and human habitats?  Hmmm.  Well, there is certainly an environment category.  Perhaps green projects have a place in this afterall!  Greenies, wildlife lovers, and the environmentally obsessed alike: now is the time to get those neurons firing and to think big!

I know, we already have the SmartGear contest hosted by the World Wildlife Federation.  I suppose I’m just curious to know if there are any other opportunities out there for people to get their high flying green ideas up off the ground and into the hands of people who can help the inventor turn the dream into a reality.  We could definitely use a Project Greenlight that actually is green!

There are criteria for submitted proposals to address, including:  how many people will this project assist, how long will the impact last, how much will the project cost and can it get off the ground in two years or less, and how urgent is the need for the issue to be addressed. 

Submissions are due October 20th of this year.  Are you going to submit a project?  What will it be?  I can think of a handful of really dire conservation oriented problems that could easily use ten million thrown at them, including the need for school children everywhere to be able to connect with the natural resources outside their classrooms and to learn about the wildlife that resides in their homeland.  C’mon, environmental education could even fall within two categories of 10^100!