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October 16, 2008

And the TED Prize Goes To:

Incoming breakers at Playalinda 

If you’ve been reading WaterNotes long enough you may have noticed my love for the ideas and intellect archived at  TED is the annual Technology, Entertainment, Design convention meant to bring together the best and brightest in major fields of inquiry for the purpose of sharing knowledge and inspiration.  I have, certainly, been deeply inspired by the brilliance regularly offered up by TEDsters and I’m grateful that the conference is made public through video posting to the website on a continuous basis throughout the year. 

In 2005 TED began awarding a yearly TED prize to deserving candidates at the forefront of their fields.  The 2009 recipients were recently named and I was excited to see my personal hero Sylvia Earle on the list

Besides Dr. Earle’s many contributions to deep-ocean science, she has been an unswerving advocate for marine conservation.  Dr. Earle is, in my opinion, a role model par excellence for young women interested in scientific research and has proved many times over that women can stand alongside men within the field of oceanography and deep-ocean exploration both physically and intellectually. 

As part of the TED prize winners give a talk at the annual conference – scheduled for early February of the coming year – and are asked to present one wish to the world.  In the past wishes have ranged from calls to service to our communities and to the world as the ONE campaign, calls for short films defining the viewpoint of people from across the world as with Pangea Day, an Encyclopedia of Life from EO Wilson, and the Meet The Greens campaign to sustainable lifestyles particularly through motivating children. 

I absolutely cannot wait to see what Dr. Earle proposes for her wish to the TED conference. 

Between now and the conference in February you can read more from Dr. Earle and her colleagues with the National Geographic Society in a new book set for release this month.  Ocean: An Illustrated Atlas debuts October 28th (my birthday, how appropriate!).