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The Brevard Zoo recently launched a new website focused on the Indian River Lagoon, which as most of you know, is one of my favorite places in the world.  Lagoon Adventures attempts to encourage kids and families to get out and see places along the IRL system to gain a new appreciation for the resources available to us on the coast, and to have fun outside and enjoy themselves in a way that many families simply no longer attempt. 

In addition to providing several forums for families to post about their IRL experiences the website also hosts simple blogs about news in the Lagoon, a page for community events that celebrate the Lagoon, and a list of the top ten sites to visit.  Included in the list are a few of my absolute favorites like Riverwalk Park in Rockledge and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Titusville. 

I’m very excited to see that the Lagoon is getting more press and that the overall environmental education community is making strides towards highlighting some of the beautiful resources available in our communities.  Perhaps some of the parents and kids that visit this webpage, as well as take part in field trips and classes, will fall in love with the Lagoon and will accept responsibility for its health as a part of their everyday lives.

As a side note, the Brevard Zoo just welcomed two absolutely gorgeous jaguar cubs into their family less than a month ago.   You can catch a video of them before hey go out on exhibit in November.


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  1. The Lagoon really fascinates me … its history and ecology. It’s really a one of a kind. How did all that rainfall in August affect the system? Key West missed most of that rain, but they just set a record last Wednesday with 7.3 inches of rain, putting it at 12 inches for the month.