A Childhood Hero I'll Sadly Never Meet

I was greatly saddened to learn today that Michael Crichton, author of practically every book I worshipped as a kid, passed away yesterday at the age of 66.  I entirely credit Crichton with inspiring my early interest in genetics, research, science and science fiction.  Who could read Jurassic Park and not be intrigued by the incredible potential of science for good (and in some cases, for evil)?  As a somewhat-nerdy ten year old, Crichton’s gutsy and brilliant female characters left an indelible mark on my conscience in a way that Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies never did. 

Sphere, Congo, Eaters of the Dead, Andromeda Strain, Timeline, Next, The Lost World, and State of Fear are among his other notable works not including his many credits in television.  I can only hope that in our newest generation of authors in science writing and science fiction that another voice – of equal scope, talent, and ability – will rise up to take his place. 


One Comment to “A Childhood Hero I'll Sadly Never Meet”

  1. He was a genius. I had no idea he died.