Oceana's Awesome Acid Primer

(c) Oceana.org

Have you heard of ocean acidification and found yourself bewildered by what exactly it is and what it means for ocean wildlife and ocean conservation?  Are you curious to know what you could do about increasing carbon dioxide in the oceans?  Oceana – always brilliant – just posted an awesome report on the situation to their website.  Read it, digest, and discuss with your representatives. 


3 Comments to “Oceana's Awesome Acid Primer”

  1. I haven’t read the report, but I have to say that I don’t think that’s a very good figure. I’m quite familiar with the chemistry, but when I look at the Oceana figure I get severe cognitive dissonance between cute lil houses and AHHH CHEMICALS!

  2. I actually really like this figure for reminding those of us who’ve already had some chemistry what the process is between carbonate and CO2 in seawater. This is a natural process, so its not really AHH CHEMICALS (although I really like the phrase “cognitive dissonance”.. I want to use that on some students!) but a quick review of whats going on. It would’ve scored higher points with me if there was a way to correlate this to actual drops and rises in pH in a graphical way.

  3. Haha… you should have seen the first draft! I hope you like the rest of the report. And thank you for the post!