Vaquita: They Do Exist!

(c) Tom Jefferson, scientist for Expedition Vaquita

I just popped back over to check in on the blog for WhaleTracker’s Expedition Vaquita and had to suppress a little squeal of delight.  The Expedition sighted vaquita!  There are gorgeous photos and a quick video posted to their website so do check it all out.  Very few photos exist that show vaquita in their natural habitat areas so these images are quite extraordinary. 

The Expedition was set to return in mid-November, so I’m eager to see what kind of synthesis WhaleTrackers can make of their project.  I’m especially interested to hear how politics and the local community might act to protect vaquita in the Sea of Cortez. 


One Comment to “Vaquita: They Do Exist!”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Great blog and thanks for linking to the story! I have got a few more postings coming about the expedition, as well as a special online video documentary about the vaquita including community members directly affected by the conservation measures being implemented by the mexican government. That should go online later in december. cheers, Chris