A Gentoo Takes Refuge

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I’m really not sure how I feel about the above video.  A) These people are wayyyyyy too close to wild killer whales!  Even if they’re not in US waters that fall underneath MMPA provisions they should be a little more sensible of their own safety. 

B) By becoming a gentoo refuge this film crew is interferring with wild behavior.  While there is a certain philosophy that no system can be observed without the observer changing that system, there is something to be said for being passive instead of active observers of wildlife.  Maybe that seems odd.  However, if you’re right in the middle of a hunt, or perhaps a hunting lesson for calves (some of the dorsal fins looked very small), you’re effectively interacting with wildlife and foregoing the ethic of respectful observation across a distance.


One Comment to “A Gentoo Takes Refuge”

  1. Wow, talk about waaaaaay too close! Considering the range of the Gentoo, the orcas would not be protected by the MMPA, but these people should definitely stay further away. I wonder, were they trying to get in the middle of things, or were they trapped in the midst of the hunt unexpectedly?