Ocean in Focus Winning Image

(c) Save Our Seas Ltd./ Tom Campbell/Marine Photobank

As you’re probably well aware, I’m a huge fan of the Marine Photobank project run through SeaWeb.  I try to contribute photos as often as possible, and I hope in the new year, with some fantastic new photography gear, that I’ll be able to contribute even more. 

The above image won the recent Ocean in Focus Conservation Contest.  Its heartbreaking, but reveals an ugly truth about the trash we leave behind in our oceans whether the items are in the form of discarded PET bottles or abandoned fishing gear. 

As the winner, Tom Campbell, said: “When a photographer comes across such an unfortunate sight as I did, we have the opportunity to shoot and share a compelling, disturbing image to help show what’s happening beneath the surface of the sea.” 


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  1. Thanks for pointing out these great images – we are definitely going to try to use some on our website.