Killer Whales in the Gulf!!

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While the JKL pods get lots of attention off the Pacific coastline we often forget that killer whales can be found in a variety of other US waters including the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico.  A recent deep sea fishing charter had the fantastic luck to come across a pod, perhaps a super pod even, off the Alabama coastline. 

I am a little discouraged by how close these fishermen allowed themselves to be and the statement: “For them to come up and not be scared of the boat, at all, never had a hesitation.  Basically we could’ve jumped off the boat onto their backs.  It was breathtaking.”

Jump onto their backs?!  Are these guys high on diesel fumes and rancid bait? 

I also feel it would’ve been pertinent for the WKRG to include a statement about the Marine Mammal Protection Act.  Remember kids, half a football field between you and the whales!


3 Comments to “Killer Whales in the Gulf!!”

  1. And great whites off the coast of Jacksonville. Apparently they like to nom on baby Right Whales this time of year.

  2. That guy was ridiculous! (And probably high!)

    Also, even better than half a football field is a full hundred yards of distance between an orca and a boat. Up here in the Pacific Northwest we urge boaters to Be Whale Wise ( around our friends in J, K, and L pods.

    Great blog you have here. =)

  3. Interesting. I would have never thought to see them in the gulf. And yes, this is real life, not Disney World!