Build A Squid!

File this under terribly addictive: Build A Squid.  The Colossal Squid Exhibition has an interactive online websource where you can build your own squid – complete with fancy colors and patterns – and then track them!  My squid’s name is “Oohla” and if you want to, you can track him as well!  Last I saw he had had a fight with a leopard seal.  Since Oohla is only a single kilogram I’m sort of wondering how he survived that interaction. 

And for a nerdy side note, did you know that the leopard seal is one of the few phocid species where females regularly grow larger than males?  Its true.


One Comment to “Build A Squid!”

  1. You’re right… Squid building is rather addicting! Maybe Oohla is also a wizard squid, wielding intense anti-leapard seal magic? Also, I like your nerdy side note. =)