Males? Who Needs 'Em

I’ve always loved the life history quirks of the mangrove rivulus. Unfortunately its a little too quirky for the likes of my regular students who are certainly too young or too silly to hear the scoop. And why am I intrigued by them? Well, most of the little fish – found in the IRL system – are hermaphrodites. Yep!

Come to find out though, through the EEL website, that my favorite killifish has an adventurous side. When normal habitat for rivulus starts to dry out during the winter season (ahem, now) they’ll bury themselves into galleried decaying wood in the area and hole up until the water returns. First we had plankton in the sequoias, now there’s fish out of water in mangrove driftwood.

Of course now I want to go on a rivulus expedition!


One Comment to “Males? Who Needs 'Em”

  1. Rivulus are awesome! There aren’t too many hermaphrodites who can do it with themselves. In fact, I can’t think of another self-fertilizer off the top of my head…anyone?