Wobbegong Jealousy

The Georgia Aquarium officially has the cutest baby zoo animals ever: tiny spotted wobbegong shark pups. Orectolobus maculatus, like many shark species, technically gives live birth to several pups, up to a record 37, in a litter in a smooth trick known as ovovivipary. Thankfully for pups that are a little late on hatching they do not have the added behavior of intrauterine cannibalism seen in other sharks like sand tigers.


3 Comments to “Wobbegong Jealousy”

  1. No fish gets the title of cutest animal but I see where youre going. Thanks for making your interesting place.

  2. If you’re an obsessed person who’s been in love with fish since she was two years old when Spanky the goldfish entered your life.. fish can be cute.

    Even deep sea semi-creepy fish can be cute: Spookfish

  3. Guys, I LOVE fish, and Wobbies in particular! And I am not the only one: the Wobbegong is my 3 year-old’s very favorite shark! My wife made a great Wobbegong costume for him for Halloween! View it here:


    It won Dabbled’s Halloween costume contest!

    Not to be outdone, I made a Wobbegong cartoon character and gave him his own website (I am a web designer). See that at


    All shameless self-promotion aside: mammal-centrics can be quite obnoxious in believing that furry creatures have the corner on the cute market! Wobbies rule–especially these pups! –Tom