Diving a 5,700,000 Gallon Aquarium

One of the best things about living in a tourist capital are the wide variety of entertainment choices available. It almost makes up for having to contend with lost tourist drivers on our highways on a daily basis. Want to dive a 5.7 million gallon aquarium over forty miles from the physical ocean? In Orlando, you can.

I had the great fortune to participate in Epcot’s Dive Quest program this past week. While the aquarium itself boasts an array of rather typical Caribbean life there is certainly something to be said of the novelty the program presents. I loved seeing the fish, sharks, and sea turtles (and the experience is not interactive, no worries for anyone up to date on sea turtle ESA provisions). However, my big thrill in the experience was playing with the visitors through the aquarium viewing panels! Who knew high fiving little kids, blowing bubble rings, or waving while turning cartwheels could be so much fun?

In fact, its so interesting that I rather wish we could institute a novel approach to narrating at exhibits and interacting with guests on a regular basis. How fantastic would it be to have your questions answered by a SCUBA-wearing naturalist? In the war of attempting to win attention and interest I think such a “gag” just might make some headway in getting visitors to listen to our messages.