ReefStyle: Anthropologie's Decorative Plates

I’m sure I’m not the only person whose profession follows her home in the form of lithographs, glicees, statues, photos, books, and all other manner of ocean memorabilia. I have an entire wall of diving photos and cool postcards with oceanlife spread out in a large collage. Something really nerdy I caught myself doing just yesterday? Identifying the species of seahorse used for the model of a very large print glicee at a gallery. I’m positive it was Hippocampus barbouri. (Red flag!)

While shopping yesterday I noticed there is a strong trend towards all things reefstyle for home decor, particularly at Anthropologie. My birthday isnt for quite a few months yet, but I’d sure like to stimulate the economy by adding a few of these to the collection.

SideNote: My new phone takes shockingly good photos all things considered, don’t you think? The videos I shot of wild IRL dolphins breaching are less stellar but I fully intend to use this new resource to help make WaterNotes a visual lens from a marine observer’s eye.