No Joke: Manatee Near Pompano Needs You

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking for the public’s help today to locate and rescue a manatee in the Pompano Beach area. While I realize not everyone who reads WaterNotes is in Florida, let alone near Pompano, I felt it worthwhile to post the hands-on call for assistance.

The manatee in question is thought to be suffering from cold stress and was emaciated and in lethargic condition. Cold stressed manatees are a frightening sight. Their skin becomes loosened and sloughs off revealing large open raw areas. To me they look like E.T. (of Steven Spielberg fame) about halfway through the movie when he’s dying and needs to get home. The animal was last seen on Monday evening near the McNab road and SW 6th Ave intersection’s canal.

As with all other sightings of marine wildlife in imperiled condition (or who are being fed, harassed, or otherwise interacted with in a way that is doing them harm) call the FWCC Wildlife Alert hotline to report news on this manatee: 1-888-404-FWCC

FWCC had been active with several other manatee rescues in the last few weeks including a manatee on March 19th with a head injury from a watercraft strike. That animal was taken to the Lowry Park Zoo for rehabilitation. Head injuries with manatees are less common than back and tail strikes. Its thought that the animals actively attempt to avoid watercraft by diving down.

If you are a Florida resident consider programming that hotline number into your phone. You never know when you’ll need it!


2 Comments to “No Joke: Manatee Near Pompano Needs You”

  1. Good idea about the cell phone, that should be an I-Phone application. (Not that I have an I Phone …), which probably explains why I am always scrambling for numbers.

  2. It absolutely SHOULD be an iPhone application! That is a genius thought! Any Apple developers out there reading WaterNotes? Any code engineers out there that could invent such a thing? A wildlife alert hotline with the numbers for Fish and Wildlife in all fifty states would be a pretty sweet resource to have at your fingertips. Well… so long as the calls were genuine and not simply beer induced camping trip pranks!