Top Ten Ocean Rivalries

Normally I only peruse if I’m looking for a window into the modern male mind (though frequently the answers I find are more perplexing than my original questions). Imagine my shock and amusement then when I found an email at the ‘Notes inbox detailing a great roundup of videos posted at for the top ten ocean rivalries.

You may have seen a few of these before (like the octopus meets shark, or killer whales hunting a gray whale calf) but even I was surprised by several shots that AskMen managed to scour out of YouTube (and elsewheres I suspect). Overall a beautiful job making it easy to watch fascinating carnage and behaviors from ocean wildlife. Dare I dream that these images inspire a few of the regular readers to tread water in the ocean conservation pages online? I suppose I can hope. But even if you simply kick back with a Yuengling these are definitely great clips.