I Can't Resist Them

Its a good thing harbor seal pups aren’t bent on world domination. If the silvery babies were true megalomaniacs I would have no choice but to obey their every whim. As it is I took over a hundred photos of a few born at one of the local marine parks here in Florida this past weekend. Harbor seals are also hauling out around the Northeast, and at other zoos and aquariums, to give birth to pups in the wild.

The beautiful lanugo, or baby coat, is only present for a short time and the babies will eventually fade to a darker spotted coloration that their parents sport throughout the year. Of course the big deal with harbor seals pups is that they stick with mom for just four to six weeks before being left to fend for themselves. For all of you baby lovers, get yourselves out to the aquariums to see them while they’re still young!