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April 22, 2009

Just Myself and the Trash on Earth Day

A rubber glove survives the currents (c) SML

Earth Day always takes on a decidedly aquatic slant for me. This year, instead of trekking out to a large organized event to support green practices, organic farming, plastic reduction, or a beach cleanup at a spot sixty miles away from me, I chose something far more local and utterly simple. I went down to the edge of the Lagoon and started picking up trash. I figured I would stop after an hour but I spent the entire morning pulling styrofoam, monofilament, soda cans, and all the related ilk out of my lagoon. A full three paper grocery store bags worth; just shy of nearly twenty pounds. I recycled what I could, discarded all the rest.

And yes, its slowly becoming my lagoon in my mind. Two years ago on Earth Day a student told me: “Wild means everyone owns it, and no one does.” I’m beginning to feel that way about the smelly, salty, dark expanse of water that flows between the barrier islands and much of the middle third of Florida’s Atlantic coastline. Which brings up just one problem.. when I next visit the area I cleaned up today – and I undoubtedly discover more trash – I’ll probably feel just a bit of personal disappointment that not everyone shares my sentiments about the lagoon.