Killer Whales Steal Salmon

Note: This video is not exactly safe for work because of the language. Turn your speakers down.


2 Comments to “Killer Whales Steal Salmon”

  1. I wonder if those were transients or one of the resident pods. They (the orcas) certainly had no issue approaching the boat (looking for more), and knew where to bite the salmon (as to not get the hook).

  2. It did almost appear that they had an idea of what was going on topside on the vessel. Makes you wonder if they’ve snared free salmon like this before or if they have been fed discards off of other vessels. As for transients vs. resident I’d be inclined to think residential pod. Looked like a coastal area for sure that they were fishing. Transients tend to be more open water or offshore and more interested in marine mammal dinners. But you never know..