Didn't I Just Clean This?

Another twenty pounds pulled from the edge of the Lagoon today. Its from the same stretch I’ve been cleaning for over a month now. I feel like the maid, sweeping up behind everyone and muttering: “Didn’t I just clean this?!”

The monofilament is everywhere. I’m not sure if thats because I’m suddenly more aware of its presence due to the report on that entangled manatee or if there is truly more of it.

I continued to ponder my kayak quest idea while walking along filling bag after bag with trash. I’ve had some great ideas and contacts sent to me by WaterNotes readers as well as through friends and I’m getting excited, albeit also overwhelmed, by the amount of information coming in. Look for a tab to appear at the top of the ‘blog (next to about & archives and reading) with updates and details on how it is (or is not) coming together.