Turning Marine Debris Into Diesel Fuel


A hat tip to Emily at Oceana’s blog who posted in The Scanner about Project Kaisei. I regularly talk about the problems of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with students, my neighbors, the people in the Publix checkout lane, to kayakers and anglers on the shore of the Indian River Lagoon, and pretty much everywhere inbetween with anyone silly enough to engage me in conversation. I was beyond excited to learn that Project Kaisei intends to scout a mission to the plastic vortex in the Pacific in summer 2009 for an experiment designed to take in plastic contaminants and process them for use as diesel fuel.

National Geographic will be onboard to film the mission and later release a documentary that will serve as a giant outreach vehicle to highlight the major issues of marine debris from ecological impacts all the way to potential solutions for this massive problem. Its incredibly encouraging that people are out there dreaming up ideas for projects such as these. If you have extra green to spare, of the monetary variety that is, Project Kaisei is looking to raise $2 million to fund the 70-day expedition.