It's Endangered Species Day!

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It’s Endangered Species Day!  Established in 2006 May 15th is a day to emphasize the ongoing attempts to protect endangered species of all kinds and to highlight the success stories while encouraging the public to continue to conserve their populations and the habitats these species need. 

Listed species abound in Florida.  A search of using their location terms for “Florida” turned up quite a list, including:

    Florida panther
    West Indian manatee
    Strawberry grouper
    Nassau grouper
    Goliath grouper
    Gulf moccasinshell
    Caribbean electric ray
    Largetooth sawfish
    Common sawfish
    Florida yew
    Florida torreya
    Green sea turtle (and the other species of course)
    Johnson’s seagrass
    American crocodile (listed as vulnerable)

We do have some success stories.  Consider the brown pelican or the American alligator.  But the truth is that we still have a long way to go.  I plan to spend the day the way I usually do – teaching kids about Florida wildlife and especially the manatee.  Do you plan to do anything to recognize the day?


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  1. Great post: I’m always looking for that list. And it’s nice to point out the success stories.