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May 26, 2009

Aftermath of the Memorial

The sign says it all, (c) SML

One hundred and nintey feet of shoreline on the lagoon. Three hours of my Tuesday morning. Two cups of coffee. One pair of gloves. Four giant trash bags. And a certain sense of defeat and exhaustion by lunchtime.

Here’s the tally:

    19 plastic water bottles
    57 cigar wrappers
    193 cigarette butts
    24 Coke cans
    17 beer bottles
    9 plastic bags
    2 six-pack rings
    1 cell phone
    1 unmentionable
    3 lengths of monofilament
    4 empty cigarette packs
    2 Hawaiian plastic leis
    1 lost flip flop
    2 baseball hats
    1 ‘go Magic!’ sign

I dont even know what to say in summation.