Jump Froggy! Jump Little Froggy!


Glad to see you back at WaterNotes after the hiatus. What have I been up to? Well, as any environmental educator knows all to well, when the kids let out of formal school for summer camp season begins! My work has altered dramatically from lectures, question-answer sessions, and narrations into a more hilarious camp environment with aquatic adventures. There’s still plenty of teaching, to be sure, but we include a lot of silliness too. If you’ve ever met me in the flesh, you know that the eccentric and wacky element of a camp meshes well with my inner six-year-old psyche. The above video is one of my favorite camp songs.. and I think its obvious why! For more “infectiously silly” goodness, like the Baby Shark! song, visit Camp Songs.


One Comment to “Jump Froggy! Jump Little Froggy!”

  1. Whew, we just finished our first week of camp last week. Went really well.

    Funny thing about that Baby Shark song, apparently it was quite the meme among German-speaking YouTube viewers. This video has over 9 million views:

    Kleiner Hai

    It even spawned (pun intended) its own Web site and techno version: