I Like "Alba"

Vancouver Aquarium welcomed a little female beluga to their pod back in June of this year and now they’re ready to name the toddler. In keeping with traditions at many marine centers and zoos, they’ve opened up a contest to their guests and supporters to come up with a great name. Although, in keeping with another zoo tradition, they want the name to be based in the culture and language of the region surrounding Vancouver where belugas reside. This tradition has always baffled me a bit. While its interesting and fun to give zoo animals cultural names that reflect the areas where they are from, all this really does is mirror the human cultures that live nearby the animals’ habitats. A little bit of a mire really. But then, applying names to zoo animals at all is a bit of a logic loop.

Perhaps I’m just a bit jaded that Vancouver only wants cultural names. I happen to love “Alba” as a moniker for the baby, but its a Latin based name that means “white”. Perhaps not the most original of ideas, but staring at the calf in the videos, I happen to think it fits.