722 Pounds Hoisted From My Lagoon


And yes, dear friends, I’m calling it my Lagoon.  Many of my fellow ‘bloggers are taking the chance at the beginning of the year to round out some new resolutions in their ocean blogging, their personal lives, or in greening their lifestyles.  I’m going to attempt to all three at once by recommitting myself to the weekly shore cleanups I sporadically carried out on the shores of the Indian River Lagoon throughout 2009.

Since January of last year, when I randomly began this adventure, I have personally lifted, hoisted, cut, carried, and dug out 722 pounds of miscellaneous trash and junk from the watershed of the IRL just around Titusville and Cocoa, Florida. I hesitate to even contemplate the sheer magnitude of this problem when I consider that I beach-combed only a small portion of the overall Lagoon system and that I did so on a semi-regular basis.

How much more trash could I have taken out of flipper’s reach of manatees in 2009 had I been truly devoted?

Well, the question needs an answer and it brings me to my resolution for 2010.  I intend, each week, to find at least one hour to work by myself – or with friends – to clean up my favorite areas of the Lagoon.  I want to hit a target of a ton (2,000 pounds, or even a metric ton’s worth at 2,200 lbs) of trash removed from the IRL system by January 1st of 2011.

I’m feeling creatively silly lately, so we’re going to call this little challenge: One Ton Landed.  You can follow along all year under that category and tag.

Best wishes to all of you for a healthy, happy, and blue 2010!  What resolutions will you make to keep our oceans healthy?