Right Whales Return!

Northern right whales, with atlantic bottlenose dolphin escorts (?), off of Cocoa Beach Florida in 2009 (c) Sam Teran

Marineland is celebrating their 10th season of the North Atlantic Right Whale Project with a brand new blog and fresh sightings of right whales off of Florida’s northeastern coastline. Seems that the recent blast of Arctic air may have helped encourage the whales further along their migration route; there have already been sightings along Indialantic and Melbourne areas just on the other side of the Lagoon!

I’m actually headed out towards the beaches today to survey areas for future cleanup work but you can bet your goldfish crackers I’m taking along my camera and my trusty binoculars! ¬†Northern right whales are among the most endangered of all marine wildlife, and they’re practically knocking on my door!