White Right Whales and All-Black Penguins

The internets are abuzz today with the recent sighting of a king penguin with nearly all-black coloration. Seems this fully fledged adult didn’t get the memo about his species’ usual attire including a large white apron front of feathers.  However, he’s not the only unusually colored marine animal out there at the moment.  In the southern right whale population, all white to nearly-all-white calves are sometimes spotted.  I think they look gorgeous next to their dark mothers, but it certainly makes you wonder what their chances are long term.

I’m curious to see how this all-black king penguin fares as well.  Will the other birds find him just as handsome as the more typically colored guys?  I suppose time will tell if he has any success with the ladies, or if his lack of countershading does him in in the open seas.