Calling All Turtle Lovers

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society is an organization from my home county that does a tremendous amount of work – from outreach, to rescues, to stranding response, to beach cleanups – for sea turtles. The outreach and stranding response is especially important in Brevard County, since this area remains such an active hotspot for turtle nesting behavior throughout the summer season.

Nesting season is nearly in swing and STPS is actively recruiting volunteers and members for the upcoming hatchling response teams.  They are also currently enrolling people in their Turtle 101 classes to be held this coming week.

Sessions for the post hatchling rescue missions (a class they often refer to as STERP) will be held May 8th in Cocoa Beach and May 17th and July 17th in Satellite Beach.

If you are lucky enough to live in the central Florida area and would like to volunteer on behalf of the turtles I’m sure STPS would love to have you.  A few hours of community involvement each month will benefit these animals and you can certainly meet a lot of eccentric, lovely, and passionate people in the process as well as spend time in some of central Florida’s most beautiful areas and beaches.

Even if you are not local to the central Florida area, please do check out STPS and their mission. Membership is not restricted to Floridians and is a main source of funding for this non-profit to conduct its rescue and outreach programs throughout the year.  This was, afterall, one of the groups that contributed so enormously to the rescue efforts back in January that resulted in hundreds of cold stressed sea turtles being rehabilitated and successfully returned to the sea.