Vaquita One of the Rarest of the Rare

The Wildlife Conservation Society publishes its book State of the Wild on a regular basis with essays and articles covering issues in wildlife conservation.  In the current edition, an article “Rarest of the Rare”, highlights ten species thought to be among the most critically endangered of them all.

What surprises me about this list?  Several of the species are US natives: the Florida bonneted bat, the vaquita porpoise hailing from the Gulf of California, and the island gray fox from channel islands also in Hollywood’s home state.  I’m not so sure why this surprises me, but it certainly does.  Then again I’m likewise perplexed that the red wolf (previously native to the south eastern US) didn’t also make the short list.

Interested in learning more about the vaquita?  Be sure to visit Whale Tracker’s excellent blog updates from their expedition back in late 2008 on the porpoise and its situation.