Listen to Lilo: Don't Eat the Tuna

Lilo & Stitch is one of Disney’s most charming tales and one of my favorites since I identify so strongly with stubborn, imaginative, headstrong and fish-loving Lilo.  In the opening scenes you see her feed an orange reef fish a peanut butter sandwich, and then go on to explain to her dance instructor why Pudge prefers peanut butter to tuna (video above).

I think Pudge and Lilo were on the right track.  Eating tuna these days – especially bluefin – is quite the gamble.  Despite my love of seafood its hard to justify eating it, even from those species that are still listed as “ocean friendly” or from stocks that are arguably still at fishable levels (like secondary tuna species albacore and yellowfin).

The bluefin’s case was recently taken up by  TIME magazine.  I can only hope that greater exposure in the media will lead to decreased consumption, demand, and catch in the months and years to come.  Let’s keep the pressure on our local restaurants and sushi bars too: serve bluefin, make your customers an endangered species.