Gnarly Bitemarks On This Dolphin

The Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit posted this really interesting photo of an IRL dolphin with a bite pattern across its back.   Many of my students believe that if dolphins are in the area then sharks won’t be, but this photo certainly proves otherwise.  I’m tempted to walk around with it in my pocket and use it whenever the moment strikes.


2 Comments to “Gnarly Bitemarks On This Dolphin”

  1. I’m interested to know what type of shark that was. How old, how big, what sort of health? I agree that you should make copies for all of us to carry, but I’m wondering how the shark managed to leave such a scar and yet not remove the chunk of skin or finish the job.

  2. It is interesting, isn’t it? What I also like is that the wound site is very well healed over, no enormous white scarring across the body. Suggests that this dolphin had the time and luxury to heal and plenty of fish stocks to eat while doing so. Maybe it is a very old scar. SMEE didn’t say how big (or rather big) this one was, but it doesn’t quite have the skin of a juvie.