Mission Blue: Mesmerizing Revelations On Bioluminescence


Bioluminescence is old hat, right? TED’s latest talk from the Mission Blue Voyage featuring Edith Widder’s astounding presentation on bioluminescent animals may have you considering otherwise.

Bioluminescence has evolved independently perhaps some 40-50 times?

Eighty to ninety percent of life in the oceans has some capacity to produce their own light?

Bioluminescent signatures can allow researchers to identify animals to the species level?

Red light can be used like a sniper scope?!  Anglerfish are gigalo’s??  Some creatures make reverse “ink clouds” of released luciferin??!

I don’t know about you, but those facts blow my mind. Widder’s research discovers bioluminescent animals, asks the question of how and why they produce this light, and investigates the potential application of what we learn.  It just might make your jaw drop; certainly had that effect on me!

Of course what I really love about Dr Widder is that she is the founder of the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA) which has several research areas but especially highlights my favorite place, the Indian River Lagoon!