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April 29, 2010

116 Plastic Fragments

One Ton Landed got a nice bump in the weight totals today with an additional 40 pounds added to the tally. (Unfortunately it was probably more weight than this, but I forgot the scale on my way to the site. )  We returned to the site of our Earth Day cleanup, two extra volunteers/teachers/nerds on hand, and got to work pulling in debris off of the beachline at Kelly Park.

Since the inception of One Ton Landed I have been compiling data using the same score card structure as the Ocean Conservancy does for its International Cleanup – usually held in September.  Unfortunately, given the nature of the debris I usually find, I’ve had to add categories including one for “plastic fragments”.  These are bits of plastic of any size (from thumbnail tiny to the size of your arm) that simply cannot be identified because they are too broken down and are fragments from larger pieces, are not recognizable familiar shapes.

Today we had no less than 116 such “plastic fragments” collected off the beach line, and believe me, we could have collected twice as much debris today if my patience and energy had held up.  (Certainly not my patience with my lovely volunteers Lisa and JJ.  It was my tolerance level for picking up trash without becoming totally overwhelmed.)

I post cumulative tallies of the debris on the OTL page here on WaterNotes, but just to give you an idea of today’s catch:

  • 13 paper bags
  • 51 plastic bags
  • 34 clumps of polyfil (or plastic stuffing for say pillows)
  • 7 glass bottles
  • 16 aluminum cans
  • 18 clumps of foil
  • 19 bottle tops and lids
  • 1 pull tab
  • 23 food wrappers
  • 37 pieces of styrofoam
  • 11 cups, plates, or utensils
  • 1 six pack ring (which was at least cut up)
  • 31 pieces of cloth or clothing or shoes
  • 6 buoys or floats
  • 4 fishing nets
  • 39 fragments of monofilament
  • 4 fishing lures
  • 24 straws
  • 3 toys
  • 19 pieces of rope
  • 1 fake leaf
  • 2 lighters
  • 73 cigarette butts
  • 3 cigar tips
  • 4 tobacco wrappers
  • 6 pieces of building material
  • 2 tires
  • 12 pieces of ribbon
  • 3 plastic ties
  • 2 buisness cards
  • 1 magnet
  • 1 band-aid
  • 3 pieces of duct tape
  • And a clump or two of manatee poop!

Whew, no wonder I had to take a nap when I finally got home today! To JJ and Lisa:  Thank you again for all your help and for making the cleanup so much fun!

To everyone else living in the Central Florida area, if you would like to hear about future One Ton Landed cleanup events please email me (notes at seanursery dot com).

April 29, 2010

You Make A Pledge, Oceana Gets $1

Oceana’s 2nd Ocean Heroes Contest is in full swing and the nominees are accruing votes as we speak. This year you can also make a very simple pledge to help protect the oceans and help fundraise for Oceana at the same time. For each pledge collected, an anonymous donor will match it with a $1 donation towards Oceana’s programs in marine wildlife and habitat conservation. Truly one of the easiest ways I’ve yet to see to do something positive for a non-profit that does so much for our saltwater communities.

All you need to do is click through the widget on the right sidebar here at WaterNotes to get started on your pledge. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Ocean Hero nominee and start to consider your plans for World Ocean’s Day.. coming up on June 8th!