"It's Like He's Trying to Speak to Me, I Know It!"

I have a problem.  A jargon problem. As in, I love jargon.  Cephalic scoops.  Pineal glands.  Zygomatic arches.  Harpacticoid copepods.  Ziphiidae.  Eutrophication.  Nitrogenous waste.  Circadian rhythms.  Photosynthetically active radiation levels.  Catadromous and anadromous fishes!

And on, and on, and on.

I often forget that if I’m going to use a scientific term when teaching that I need to define it.  Its one of the biggest critiques I receive from other instructors and its the sort of valuable feedback I definitely need.

Afterall, I dont want to send people for the sort of mental tail spin that the video above does to me. Crazy engineers and their ding alarms and modial interaction of magnetoreluctance and capacitive directance.

PS:  Do you know where your nofer trunnions are?


3 Responses to “"It's Like He's Trying to Speak to Me, I Know It!"”

  1. That’s hilarious, definitely worth a bookmark!

    I just got done with a media interview and it is hard sometimes to remember that we sciencey types have a different lexicon. I would say that its like talking to children, except that that is a disastrous trap too. People can smell condescension a mile away and no-one likes being talked down to. Rather, its like talking to someone for whom English is a second language; they may be smart, even smarter than you, but you will need to use the words they know if you’re to communicate effectively. The onus is on us, I guess.