392 Butts On the Beach

It’s a well known fact that cigarette butts are some of the most common litter items found in the United States in any area. They especially contaminate some of the heavily used access points along the Lagoon.  While I usually pick up a few dozen at each cleanup, I decided today to focus only on the butts and the filters that get left behind.

After an hour of bending down and crouching in the sand to pick up the tiny little fragments, I gave up, having only cleaned a hundred feet of beach line.  And my take today?  Hardly a pound – if that really, my scale isnt sensitive enough for such small weights – amounting to 392 butts and filters.

It all does make me wonder one thing of course: when/if the oil spill arrives on the Atlantic beaches of Florida and gets sucked into my lagoon.. would discarded cigarette filters be a good way to soak up the mess?   Hmm.


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