Refuting "The Cove".. At Least In Part

It’s no secret here at WaterNotes that I have very mixed and rather strong feelings regarding animals – and particularly cetaceans – living in zoos and aquariums. (If you missed it, here’s my take.) The documentary The Cove never sat evenly with me. As an insider in the community of zoological parks, and one with many friends in similar posts at other facilities throughout the US, I knew much of the information hurled about in The Cove to be fractured and somewhat veiled. It was the truth.. but it wasnt the whole truth.

The two videos I’ve posted today do a rather good job of highlighting some of the real numbers associated with the drive fisheries in Japan and also picks apart the alleged links between US facilities and these drives. It’s a good outside viewpoint to consider, and I hope that it becomes just as popular on YouTube as the clips from the main documentary.

Don’t get me wrong – I have not lost sight at all of the real issue at the core of The Cove – but I am pleased to see that someone, however anonymous, has taken up the side of the zoological community to present another angle to this very complex topic.


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