Our Only Oil Pollution Is the Plastic Kind

Beautiful, isn’t it?  The above photo was taken by a good friend, Kristi Swiderski, on a recent trip to the panhandle beaches of Florida. We continue to hear a lot about oil incoming on the shorelines near Pensacola (a drive down the road from the above location in Navarre) but most of the beaches and waterways in Florida remain very free and clear.

They’re not free and clear of the higher forms of oil – plastic – however.  Don’t forget to sign up for the International Coastal Cleanup upcoming on Sept 25th!  There are teams meeting all over the United States and abroad so there is no excuse not to join in for a few hours.  Even if you live smack in the center of our beautiful country, make it a day without any new plastics incoming into your life (or heading any further downstream towards the big blue).


2 Comments to “Our Only Oil Pollution Is the Plastic Kind”

  1. I was visting the Banana River/Indian River Lagoon area a couple weeks ago, and couldn’t believe the amount of plastic and other garbage around. And fishing line, everywhere there was a shore or ledge to fish from. I cleaned up a bunch of the fish line, but it was such a daunting task with debris everywhere.

  2. It truly does boggle the mind how much is out there. I’ve spent the last two years cleaning up trash on my days off and weekend trips to the Lagoon. If you are ever interested in submitting a guest post to WaterNotes along with some photos of debris you’ve picked up around the IRL, please let me know! 🙂