Once In A Blue Lobster

Who doesn’t love a story about mutant lobsters? Yes, that’s rhetorical, because everyone loves a story about mutant shellfish! (Please don’t make me sing you Rock Lobster! I may love covering the B52’s for karaoke but I usually have another song in mind.)

The lovely Diana Bosch, a friend who recently moved up to Maine for a reporting job with the local station WABI, was tapped to cover some local flair regarding a bright blue lobster. Hopefully the shoremen decide to donate it to a public aquarium as they suggest at the end of this report. Mutants (or sports) for shell coloration are certainly not unknown when it comes to lobsters – there are yellows, oranges, even half and half hermaphrodites – but the blue coloration across the entire carapace is a 1 in 3,500 shot. Plus let us not forget, he’s had to put up with a lot of teasing regarding his apparel over the years and suffered a probable issue with camouflage. That he’s made it to this size is rather remarkable.

Someone get ahold of the New England Aquarium, I’m certain they’d be a sure bet for a future home for this guy.