Job Description: Blow Dry Otter Pups

I made the excellent choice the other day to “like” the Alaska Sea Life Center‘s Facebook page. Little did I know I was in for biweekly updates on several of their cute-beyond-all-reason foundlings from their Rescue and Rehabilitation programs in Seward, AK. The above video features little Tazo, a sea otter orphaned and reared along with Kaladi by the Center’s staff. Kaladi has since been relocated to the Point Defiance Zoo in Washington State, where she is absolutely spoiled with all her EEDs. How many otters get their own floating pavilion?

I highly recommend “liking” their page on Facebook so you too can follow along with their rehabilitation efforts as well as the recent releases of several harbor seal pups reared through the summer months. As with most small nonprofits, if you are starting to consider your 2010 donations for the tax year, do keep the Sea Life Center in mind. They may be thousands of miles away from most of the US, but they are in the heart of wildlife conservation efforts each and every day.

Ah, and since we all love seeing marine mammals playing about with EEDs, here’s a recent shot of a harbor seal living in Miami frolicking with his buoys (photo via E. Bilinski).


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  1. I think my brain just asploded from the cute.