All the Colors of the Beer Bottle Rainbow

Woohoo!  We cleared another eleven pounds of debris today from the IRL system in the north area near Titusville and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.  This brings the grand total just over nine hundred pounds!  There are sooo many to go to reach our goal of two-thousand in a year, but even if we don’t quite make it, I’ll be content knowing this much was pulled away from the shorelines.

Today’s highlights in the catch…

  • Two Colgate wisps
  • tampon applicators
  • three D cell batteries
  • half a boat anchor
  • thirty-seven plastic cups (someone had one heck of a BBQ or a major round of drinking games this past weekend)
  • plastic leis (these show up way more than should ever be possible)
  • one burrfish (not debris, but definitely discarded as such)
  • one Atlantic stingray juvenile (probably also discarded on land for “stealing” bait)
  • three pounds worth of glass fragments in the colors white, brown, and green – all the colors of the beer bottle rainbow
  • fourteen plastic bait bags
  • 2 silicone worms used as tackle

Of all the finds I regularly come across I’m afraid its the beer bottle glass that never fails to raise my pulse rate.  Why smash up the bottles instead of bringing them home with you?  Why knowingly put small razors into the sand for little kids to walk over?  Why?  I just dont understand.  If you’re not going to consider my otters, manatees, herons, storks, snakes, snook, shrimp, puffers, or rays.. at least consider your fellow humans’ feet!

This Saturday is the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup!  Don’t forget to take part in whatever way you can.  I’ll be out on Merritt Island picking up one of the most trafficked public parks in the county and hoping to have many conversations while picking up trash.  I even have my t-shirts ready!


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