Mirror Mirror.. and Time Outs

The New York Times ran a snippet of their conversation with Hunter College’s Professor Diana Reiss recently.  In it they ask her the nature of her work studying cognitive capabilities of dolphins and whales, including some of her subjects from the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

It’s a great short read, but it does bring up one rather intriguing detail: Reiss served as an advisor for the movie The Cove.  I find it interesting and also hopeful that Psihoyos, the director, had actually included a scientist whose work actually depends upon captive dolphins.  The film has several dominant messages but there is an undercurrent that no animal in a zoo or aquarium can ever be happy or can serve any purpose other than something like a rodeo clown.. and yet Reiss worked with the crew.  Doesn’t her work demonstrate that ambassadors – like those at the National Aquarium – can contribute profoundly to our knowledge of these creatures?